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Our Lady of Kazan Monastery

St. Anna of Kashin Monastery for Women


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St. Brigid's School of Iconography

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The monastic community of Our Lady of Kazan began roughly 25 years ago south of Downtown Albuquerque as a skete - defined as a small community made up of 2-3 monks. The church began with one monk who was eventually made a monk after a number of years of self-study of the Eastern Orthodox faith, church history and the study of many other different faiths. Over the years, many have come to the small skete to begin the study of communal life and the vows of obedience, humility, chastity and stability. Some chose to go back out into the world and others went forward to begin their own sketes or communities in different regions. Originally founded as a center for first generation Russian and Greek Orthodox living in the Albuquerque metro area. These were members of the Old Calendar Church - continuing the practice of following the Julian calendar. This calendar falls two weeks behind the current civil calendar...and celebrates the church feasts two weeks after the Western churches. Hence, the celebration of Holy Nativity on January 7th each year and the movable feast of Holy Pascha or Easter only falls on the same date as the West once every seven years.